“High-5” Shirt Design Series: Balloons

$8 of this item will get donated

The “High-5” Shirt design series showcases five graphic items on the back of the shirt, where one of the five is in a different color to emphasize what givafifth is all about — giving back 1/5 of every purchase to an organization you support. These shirts are heavier weight and follow a popular style with a small image on the front and large image on the back. We’re creating a variety of designs and colors to choose from. The 6.1 oz softspun cotton tee is a year-round wardrobe essential. True to size, a classic non-tailored shape.
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Note that in order to keep our products at fair prices, while donating 20% to your favorite organizations, we try to minimize returns. Therefore, you can return an item but the 20% donation portion of your purchase is non-refundable.

Givafifth also charges a $7.50 return fee (per item) for items being returned to cover the costs of re-stocking. We do this so that we can keep costs down and give more to those that need it.

If your returned item is not re-saleable, we cannot honor your return.


Customers have 30 days to exchange an item. For all exchanges, we charge an exchange fee of $10 per item (to cover our shipping and re-stocking costs) so that we can maintain giving 20% back to organizations.

Size Chart

Chest: 38-41"

Chest: 42-45"

Extra Large:
Chest: 46-49"

Chest: 50-53"