Customized Products

If you love our quality products but want your logo on them, look no further. We have created a few ways for you to use givafifth items and tie in with your brand. We also have some inventive ways to incorporate both of our brands together, so please reach out to discuss opportunities.

These are great for group events, one-off fundraisers, or development of unique merchandise for a brand that wants to support its favorite organization.

Leveraging the “Five Things” Concept

Our Five Things concept can be seen throughout each page of our website and on many of our items, especially our t-shirts. Leveraging our concept with your logo is a perfect combination of you and us. 

The design showcases your logo five times with the fifth iteration colored in to signify the ⅕ of every purchase that gets donated. It’s a subtle, yet effective way to represent our collaboration.  We’ll work with you on minimum order requirements, art development (whether we design or you provide), timing, shipping, and and how to leverage, either
at your event or through another promotional opportunity.

Developing a Marketing Program Around Our Brands, Working in Concert

Are you a brand and want to leverage your audience and drive them to support a great organization? Givafifth can help you develop items to sell, again leveraging the “Five Things” concept, and create marketing tools and unique landing pages for you to promote and push these items. We can even handle all of the landing page development, shipping, and the
development of revenue sharing opportunities (if desired).

A great example of this would be: Say you’re a minor league baseball team and you want to leverage our Five Things t-shirt concept with 5 of your logos, and then create a special price for those who purchase this shirt — knowing that 20% is going to the organization the baseball team has chosen to support.

At givafifth, our marketing team can create unique products, marketing support, and a program to really set you apart.

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