Our Story

In 2017 my family’s world was flipped upside down with the loss of my sister-in-law eight weeks after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. My perspective on work changed, and more importantly, my view of life changed.

Prior to this, if you had asked me who I was, I would have told you I am a good person, and that I was “blessed” with a great company that I had built 15 years earlier, a good work/life balance, an amazing family. I felt like I did my part to give back, donating to charities that I believed in, organizing a big annual fundraiser, and being an active member of my communities.

But now I wanted to do more. To give back more. To make my legacy one that leaves a bigger mark on the world around me. When you look across America at where much of the “good” really happens, you find it in local and regional organizations and communities: churches, animal shelters, social service organizations, schools, and a whole host of other groups whose focus ranges from youth needs, to rebuilding communities, to helping cure terrible diseases. Churches, for example, know which families in their community are in need, are sick, are aging, are dealing with life-changing issues. They also have youth programs, mission trips, and special projects.

How could I create a company that helps to reach these various organizations and assist in raising funds to help them to reach their goals?

Enter givafifth.

The goal of givafifth is quite simple: create a brand that is all about giving back. Sell great quality goods. Give back A FIFTH of the revenue (20% of sales). Allow our customers to direct, or steer, the “fifth” to their organization of choice — not ours. That’s it.

So please consider buying our goods and direct your “fifth” to a worthy organization. Whether it be for a mission trip, a cheerleading fundraiser, or to help find a cure…

And please communicate with us. Let us know how we are doing, how else we can help, and most importantly, how the funds have helped your community — we want to share positive stories. And lots of them.

Most of all, make sure you feel like you givafifth!

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