This Pop-Up Store is now closed.

Questions about this store? Email us at

Each pop-up store item comes with a 20% total donation. You may also shop for ANY other items in the givafifth store, where 20% will be donated. Or you can just hit donate now. This pop-up store will close on September 19. 

At checkout, please select Food Bank Network of Somerset County or enter code 636438.

Please note there are no returns or exchanges on pop-up store items. Shipping will be limited to the U.S. for winter holiday arrival.

Shop other givafifth products to support the Food Bank Network of Somerset County

In addition to these great pop-up store items, you can always shop for other givafifth branded products and direct 20% of the proceeds to your favorite organization. 

Click here to browse our Collections to see what else givafifth has to offer.

About Our Store


How long will the pop-up stay open?
The store will close on September 19 at 11:59 PM ET.

Can I buy other givafifth products on my pop-up order?
Yes, of course. Please note that pop-up store items will donate 20% and givafifth items will donate 20%.

If I buy a pop-up item and a givafifth product, do they ship together?
Yes. We will ship them once the pop-up store items are ready to ship.

Is shipping included?
Shipping is included/free on all orders over $150 — including additional donations made.

Do you ship international? What is the shipping fee?
For orders outside the U.S., please email

Can I return or exchange my order?
Pop-up store items have no returns or exchanges, while givafifth branded items are both exchangeable and returnable.

Is my order tax deductible?
For customers in the U.S., the donation portion of your order may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS. Please consult your tax advisor. Your order confirmation email will serve as your receipt.

What if I still have questions?
Please email us at