The real power of givafifth is that we help our organizations with marketing programs and easy to implement tools.  On this page you’ll find a presentation that will walk you through our 30 day marketing push, which provides you with strategy, sequencing, copy, and tips to make your fundraising push a success. 

Keep in mind these tips: Tailor the copy to make it connect with your audience, try to give them a reason you are raising these funds so they understand what this effort will help accomplish, and don’t forget to stick with the plan!

Givafifth Partner Marketing Package (PDF Presentation)

This PDF deck provides tips on making your fundraiser successful and an overview of the various free tools we offer to help make it easier to launch your campaign.

Download our tools

Just scroll down the page and download the assets you need to make your next fundraiser a success! These are the same tools referenced in our PDF above.

"30-Day Push" Email Copy

Easily cut and paste text into your email campaign platform.

"30-Day Push" Social Media Posts

Add this copy to accompany images you use on social posts.

"30-Day Push" Social Media Images

Pair these images with our social media copy (above) to give your posts an added boost.

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